27 Nov 2015

A trial program is hoping to shine the spotlight on schools and show them how they can help to combat climate change.

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18 Apr 2013

Many Australians are happy to declare their interest in sustainability, to reducing their environmental impact. But how many of them are prepared to reduce the amount they actually consume?This article looks at the Australian households and an identified “attitude-action gap” on environment and consumption. This gap between intentions and action is a...

21 Dec 2010

Australia's housing sector currently has no consistent or clearly defined role in the nation's carbon-abatement schemes, despite the housing sector being a major national emitter of greenhouse gases. This effectively removes a significant incentive for innovation in green building, distributed and renewable energy generation, and energy-efficiency initiatives, locking in poor...

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06 Jul 2017

The Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey is designed to provide information on household and small business consumer sentiment with a focus on the three key areas of satisfaction, confidence and activity.

01 Jan 2015

One third of global greenhouse gas emissions are emitted from the building sector contributing significantly to the problem of climate change. While more work has been done on decreasing direct emissions from the operation of buildings, embodied emissions of construction materials receive little consideration even though they constitute a significant additional proportion of emissions.

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