05 Nov 2018

Digging into the successes and stumbles of Philly’s ambitious 25-year stormwater mitigation plan. Read the full article on Next City

01 May 2015

This Green Code Infrastructure Guide proposes a framework to support code requirements in the marketplace to achieve desired outcomes.

05 Sep 2018

Charlotte is the first city in the United States to make a commitment to adopting the circular economy as a public sector strategy.

Policy report
30 Oct 2018

This report summarises the Monash University research outcomes for Project B2.2/2.3—Protection and restoration of urban freshwater ecosystems: informing management and planning.

10 Oct 2018

Josh’s House is an exemplar of integrated water sensitive urban design at the residential housing scale.
Josh’s House is an innovative housing-scale sustainable design and construction project based in Hilton WA, led by environmental scientist and national media personality Dr Josh Byrne in conjunction with Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living.

Case study

Naturalising the deteriorated sections of the concrete river banks along the Cooks River.

Case study
10 Oct 2018

Application of water sensitive urban design strategies to provide retention, ltration, litter management and bio- retention outcomes, as well as improvements to local amenity.

Case study
09 Oct 2018

Improving the health of a high ecological value waterway with stormwater disconnection.

Case study
10 Oct 2018

Urban parklands can be upgraded to be multifunctional water treatment and flood management assets.
Built in 2001, the Kunshan Forest Park is a National Urban Wetland Park covering an area of 166 hectares in the northwest of Kunshan city in Jiangsu province, China. The Forest Park boasts an array of eco-tourism resources and is characterised by parklands, forests and lakes.

Case study