26 Sep 2014

Presentation: Thermal Resilience: A New Logic for Urban Greenery Work in progress report 26 September 2014 PhD Candiate: Eshan Sharifi Thesis title: An Exploration of the Impacts of Heat Stress on Vitality of Public Space and Outdoor Activity Patterns: A Case Study of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

14 Sep 2016

Presentation: Urban greenery and mitigation of the urban heat island effect in Australian cities: Policy mechanisms and implementationWork in progress report26 September 2014PhD Candiate: Judy Bush 

01 Jan 2015

Monique Fouché, IELab conference poster: ICM Scoping Study Results (11-12 June 2015, Sydney)


Low carbon transport (LCT) or low carbon mobility (LCM) have featured in many  CRC for Low Carbon Living coversations, particularly for Research Programs 2 (Low Carbon Precincts) and 3 (Engaged Communities). The CRCLCL has specific milestones related to travel demand and transport activity.What has been missing is a research agenda to inform the CRC about relevant research topics on low carbon

Research report
01 Jun 2015

Project RP2015 was a scoping study designed to inform the CRCLCL on the research and development needs to maximise potential health and productivity co-benefits of low carbon planning and design for precincts.

Research report

This report, the second output of the scoping study RP2015, describes baseline levels of active transport usage in Australian cities, and thus provides a platform from which future interventions in low carbon precinct planning and design can be assessed in terms of their capability to increase the levels of active transport. The report has important considerations for policy development aimed a

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Using data from ABS Household Expenditure Surveys (HES) for 1993-94 and 2003-04 and the Housing Energy Consumption Survey of 2012, this report examines the changing nature of household energy use (electricity, gas, and motor fuel) over the last two decades, and assesses the impact of these costs on the household budget. It suggests arguments that electricity industry liberalisation has created

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Energy use is integral to our lives. Without it, the standard of living Australians currently enjoy would be impossible. However this standard of living comes at a cost.


This research project - RP 3019 Pathways to Achieve Low Carbon Living Outcomes through Collaborative Urban Development Planning in Australia - is part of Program 3 of the CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL): Engaged Communities.

Research report
01 Jan 2016

The research reported in this summary of findings identifies the financial and non-financial barriers that prevent lower income households from reducing their carbon consumption.This research is designed as a follow-up to the data mining exercise (CRC-LCL RP3001) conducted by Burke and Ralston.

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