Working paper

The EnergyFit Homes Initiative working paper 5: Message frame testing

01 Jan 2015

Executive Summary
This report is a milestone deliverable from CSIRO for the EnergyFit Homes Initiative, a project that seeks to empower consumers to recognise and value homes with better health, comfort, and sustainability benefits, and lower running costs. It is formally known as Project RP3016 and funded by the CRC for Low Carbon Living and other project parties (see Acknowledgements).
An experimental survey was designed and administered to 2,008 potential or recent home buyers across Australia in September and October 2015. The purpose of the experimental survey was to ascertain the absolute and relative effectiveness of nine different message frames in promoting the perception of benefits (both market and non-market) in low carbon EnergyFit homes–that is, homes with qualities that confer health, comfort, and sustainability benefits and lower running costs to new and existing homes.
Nine different EnergyFit message frame conditions were tested. These comprised combinations of a standard energy efficiency message, images designed to convey an energy efficiency rating, and ‘Liveability’ messages (tailored to the pre-identified customer profile of the respondent) designed to embed energy efficiency characteristics within a broader message of home comfort and liveability. An overview table of the conditions is included as Appendix A.