Research report

Energy performance of commercial buildings with radiant heating and cooling

01 Nov 2017

This report is part of Task within the California Energy Commission CEC EP C project EPC‐14‐ 009 Optimizing Radiant Systems for Energy Efficiency and Comfort managed through the Center for the Built Environment at UC Berkeley The main goal of this research was to determine the building characteristics of projects with radiant heating and cooling and assess their real world energy use compared to standard benchmarks for building energy performance The energy use was self‐reported through surveys and utility data and is based on whole building site energy use for a minimum of 1 months System‐level efficiency and energy savings opportunities are addressed in another part of the research projectThe report describes the general building characteristics including type, size, location and climate zone of buildings in orth America with radiant distribution systems for both heating and cooling the predominant area of the building The study found that the buildings outperformed peer buildings and national benchmarks, suggesting that radiant systems are part of the integrated approach that can lead to low energy consumption in commercial buildings Some operator perspectives from the survey are included to inform design and operation factors regarding radiant systems  

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