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Chinatown green street: The greenest street in Washington

01 Sep 2018

With urban infrastructure in urgent need of revitalization, it’s time for new thinking about how the civic realm can better serve public needs and meet environmental goals. Chinatown Green Street, in downtown Washington, D.C., is a unique demonstration project that on one city block combines advanced “green,” “complete,” and “smart” street concepts. It addresses comprehensively the pressing problems of stormwater runo and pollution, energy inefficiency, and pedestrian safety. At the same time, it enhances the vitality of the public realm and reflects cultural sensitivity, while demonstrating the ability of cutting-edge green infrastructure to support the goals of property and business owners.
The project is expected to monitor energy consumption, water volume and quality, air quality and temperature, pollinators and wildlife, and vegetation health. It will also seek to acquire Stormwater Retention Credits from the Department of Energy & Environment.
The project expects to achieve: 13x the amount of planting area, 30x more pervious surfaces, 30% more canopy coverage, 7x more soil per tree, 52% decrease in energy use

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