This “Guidelines for Sustainable Cities and Communities” (hereafter referred as SUC Guidelines), produced in accordance with goals of SUC, will be mainly applied to developing countries. In its early phase, the aim is to support the promotion and implementation of sustainable development of cities and communities in China.
SUC Guidelines consist of three sections - Evaluation Criteria, Management System and Technical Guidelines”. The SUC Guidelines are applicable to both existing built cities and communities in particular to new urban areas and new communities in the future. All the technologies, strategies and projects proposed in the entire SUC Guidelines document should meet the national standards of China.
Main Author: Scientia Professor Deo Prasad AO, Professor of University of New South Wales (Consultant of UNEP)Other Authors: Lan Ding, Komali Yenneti, Hua Fan, William Craft, Adriana X Sanchez, Xiang Li (CEO of JCEP), Philipp Arnold (UNEP Consultant), Kamel Bouhmad (UN-Habitat), Robert Earley (UNEP Consultant), Youwei Wang, Jiang Wu, Fengting Li, Nicholas You, Jonathan Fox, Jean D’ AragonReviewers: Arab Hoballah, Stefanos Fotiou, Sharon Gil (UNEP DTIE), Jacob Halcomb (UNEP DTIE), Nicola Deschio (UNEP DTIE), Yan Chang (UNEP China Office), Qingqin Wang, Jian Ge, Jing Liu, Feng Yang, Han Shi, Shanfeng DongExecutive Unit: SUC (Beijing) Programme Management Center Co. Ltd

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