09 Oct 2018

Urban household water supplied by rainwater.
The Currumbin Ecovillage is a 147 lot development over 270 acres of land in the Gold Coast Hinterland. The development contains community title blocks which range from 400 to 1400m2 . All of the water supplied to the houses in the development is from a combination of large (>20kL) rainwater tanks.

Case study
06 Jun 2017

This public transport strategy for Queensland brings together strategic infrastructure, land use and transport planning at all three levels of government and focuses on the public transport component of passenger transport, including heavy rail, bus, metro and ferry.

26 Nov 2018

Improved energy performance of buildings presents a win-win-win opportunity, reducing stress on the electricity network, offering bill savings, supporting a least-cost pathway to a zero carbon built environment, and improving health and resilience outcomes for households and businesses.

15 Jun 2017

In its inaugural Energy Supply Outlook (ESO), the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) highlights a low risk of electricity shortfalls for an average summer in 2017/18, however the power system remains susceptible to extreme conditions.

15 Feb 2017

To maximise the benefits from its application of BIM to infrastructure projects within its annual capital program, this framework will support the effective use of BIM across Queensland Government infrastructure delivery agencies. A focus of the framework includes BIM capability development across government and industry.

30 Oct 2017

This report highlights the significant potential for Queensland’s clean energy future, as fourteen clean energy projects, the highest number in Australia, get under construction this year alone.

06 Dec 2016

Global population ageing has significant implications for public policy in areas such as health, housing and economic security. The notion of housing as a public health issue is not new, yet very little research has examined the links between housing specifically built for older people, energy performance and occupant health and economic security.

Journal article
09 Jun 2017

The Queensland Housing Strategy 2017-2027 is a 10-year framework driving key reforms and targeted investment across the housing continuum.

02 Jun 2017

Provides the Queensland Government’s detailed response to the Renewable Energy Expert Panel’s final report recommendations on increasing renewable energy production to 50%.

Policy report
30 Nov 2016

The Renewable Energy Expert Panel sought to provide advice on credible pathways to achieving a 50% renewable energy target for Queensland by 2030, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating economic development opportunities in the state.

Policy report
07 Jun 2013

Climate change is leading to an increased frequency and severity of heat waves. Spells of several consecutive days of unusually high temperatures have led to increased mortality rates for the more vulnerable in the community. The problem is compounded by the escalating energy costs and increasing peak electrical demand as people become more reliant on air conditioning.