03 Aug 2017

This document provides practical guidance for built environment professionals and regulatory agencies seeking to optimise development projects to moderate urban microclimates and mitigate urban heat island effects in major urban centres across a range of climates in Australia

02 Dec 2011

To ‘flourish’ in a rapidly urbanising world with limited resources we need to imagine different ways of living: increasing density, using passive energy, turning objects into services, and perhaps most importantly imagining new systems of living our everyday urban lives.

Conference paper
23 Sep 2016

Brisbane needs exemplary buildings that respond to and embrace our subtropical climate and showcase our city’s urban character and outdoor lifestyle. Openness, permeability and a strong connection with the natural environment are the main characteristics of well-designed subtropical cities.

29 Nov 2013

Recognising both the recent surge in interest in low carbon refurbishments of residential buildings and the diversity of emergent terminology and perspectives, the authors set out definitions for key terms and frame a discussion of the phenomenon of refurbishments. The paper focuses on owner-occupied detached homes that dominate Australia’s existing residential building stock.

Conference paper
11 Dec 2015

Creating sustainable cities requires rethinking the built environment, a fundamental component of mitigating the environmental impacts of buildings. To evaluate this, stakeholders in Australia increasingly rely on third party verification via green building rating schemes.

Conference paper
01 Jan 2015

Student poster - Participants Annual Forum 2015 - Giles Thompson Review of national and international low carbon precincts

10 Feb 2017

These maps draw on data from the Riderlog application. They are organised to show cycling activity in Melbourne organised by time, gender, age, duration, purpose and origin.

14 Apr 2017

C40 offers a Case Study Library – making it easier than ever for city officials, researchers, and urban stakeholders to explore the growing collection of more than 500 unique, world-leading solutions taking place across C40 cities. These case studies are sourced from publications like the C40 Good Practice Guides, Cities100 and Urban Efficiency Report more accessible.

17 Jul 2015

The green agenda for cities and the economy in general is a major focus of global institutions and is increasingly a major national and urban priority. Core issues and best practice for built environment businesses were collated from published studies and used in a survey of Australian firms to see how committed they were to the green economy.

Journal article
17 Apr 2017

Our cities are increasingly beset by a lack of affordable housing, inequality, lagging infrastructure – the list goes on. To the rescue, we now have the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But how can they help?
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30 Jun 2017

This study is a comprehensive review of comparable national and international wayfinding practices, including reviews of fifty-four practices and plans and twenty-four comparable cases to City of Sydney.

Literature review
14 Sep 2018

The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment (the Commitment) challenges companies, cities, states and regions to reach Net Zero operating emissions in their portfolios by 2030, and to advocate for all buildings to be Net Zero in operation by 2050.