01 Dec 2013

EnviroDevelopment is a national rating tool which provides independent verification of a project’s sustainability performance.

Technical report
13 Sep 2016

Green Star – Communities assesses the planning, design and construction of large scale development projects at a precinct, neighbourhood and/or community scale. It provides a rigorous and holistic rating across five impact categories:

  • governance
  • liveability
  • economic prosperity
  • environment
  • innovation
03 Jun 2014

Castleward is a 12.1 hectare brownfield regeneration site in Derby currently undergoing redevelopment to create a new community of sustainable homes and businesses. This £100 million project is located between Derby Midland Station and the city centre.

14 Aug 2017

This technical guide is the BREEAM Scheme Document for Communities (BREEAM Communities 2012). It describes an environmental, social and economic performance standard against which large scale developments in the UK and internationally through the BREEAM Communities bespoke international process can be assessed, rated and certified.

Technical report
10 Apr 2014

Evidence continues to mount concerning the contribution that carbon emissions from human activity are making to climate change, the costs that this will impose on future generations if unabated, and the challenging GHG mitigation targets and strategies required to minimize temperature increase.

Journal article
15 Oct 2016

In this report, we evaluate policies to reduce GHG emissions in urban areas according to multiple criteria, based on an extensive literature review. Municipal governments implement policies (regulations, charges, subsidies, etc.) to induce actions (such as improved energy efficiency in buildings or a shift to public transit).

03 Mar 2014

This article examines infill housing development in Melbourne, Australia's second largest and fastest growing capital city. It highlights the existence of two infill segments - brownfields and greyfields - each with distinctive patterns of development that need to be better understood if urban regeneration is to figure significantly in delivering more liveable and sustainable cities.

Journal article
05 Jun 2019

This document outlines a bold new strategy for a greener, more liveable Melbourne. It presents a vision of international significance in its massive scale, its outstanding collaboration, and its use of new and innovative mapping technology.

15 May 2017

Cities are vulnerable to temperatures, and the task of cooling them has proved challenging.
The CRCLCL is developing a decision-support tool that bridges the gap between research and practical application in urban microclimates by helping governments, developers and planners to mitigate vulnerability to urban heat island effects.

Fact sheet
21 Sep 2017

From large-scale mixed-use developments with hundreds of offices and dwellings to smaller university precincts, this precincts standard can be used to achieve carbon neutrality and showcase climate leadership.

01 Jan 2017

This paper discusses the significance of urban rail in sustainable development through a number of case studies.

Journal article