Effective water management is essential for the day-to-day functioning of our city and its resilience in the face of chronic stresses and acute shocks.

01 Mar 2018

Climate change and population growth pose significant challenges and opportunities for Melbourne’s water supply, sewerage, stormwater and waterway systems. If these challenges are not effectively managed, communities will face water shortages and restrictions, devastated parks and gardens, flooded streets, destroyed waterways and escalating water bills.

01 Jan 2018

Energy retrofits of buildings usually ignore the amount of embodied energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions needed to reduce the operating energy and related emissions.

Journal article
01 Nov 2017

Australian cities contain millions of trees that provide amenity, important ecosystem services such as cooling and slowing stormwater, and provide habitat for birds and animals. There is growing recognition that increasing temperatures due to urban heat and climate change are a threat to some tree species in our cities.

Research report
08 Nov 2017

A sound knowledge of how informal green spaces are used, or of why they are not being used, can inform planners and decision-makers when intervening in such spaces to increase the liveability of urban neighbourhoods.
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Annual Report
25 Nov 2015

The Commons apartment building in the inner Melbourne suburb of Brunswick has won swags of awards, including the Best of Best at the 2014 BPN Sustainability Awards. Among its many lauded attributes is its total lack of on-site car parking.

08 Dec 2017

This technical report summarises transport activity patterns across Melbourne, both now and in the future.

03 Mar 2014

A major challenge for urban Australia and its fast growing cities in particular is the provision of an adequate supply of appropriately located, affordable and sustainable housing across a range of dwelling types. A related challenge involves attempts by the metropolitan planning agencies in the capital cities to restrict residential sprawl and deliver more compact cities.

Journal article
08 Dec 2017

This report outlines deep concerns with planning and governance for the proposed West Gate Tunnel Project (WGTP) and, by extension, with the wider context for transport planning in Victoria.

25 Jun 2015

202020 Vision have released a ten-step guide on How to Grow an Urban Forest. The guide aims to help councils save money, time and share practical knowledge.

14 Nov 2017

This report provides evidence regarding potential financial and health implications of electricity pricing and 'price signal' messaging for heat vulnerable households.

Research report
01 Jun 2016

This report presents findings from research undertaken by Swinburne University into resident engagement with an onsite composting trial introduced into two apartment blocks by the City of Melbourne. The trial was conducted between February and June 2016, with one building hosting a multi-bin worm farm system and the other hosting...