31 Mar 2018

Evidence-based decision making (EBDM) is a framework that has yielded huge benefits in fields ranging from medicine to social policy.

Research report
01 Sep 2017

To enable society to better manage the risks and opportunities arising from changes in climate, engagement between the users and the providers of climate information needs to be much more effective and should better link climate information with decision-making.

Journal article
17 Nov 2015

Student poster - Participants Annual Forum - Christian Perez, Closing the loop on evidence-based decision-making

17 Nov 2015

Student Poster – Participants Annual Forum 2015 – Subha Parida, The effect of green buildings on performance, productivity and well-being: study on office buildings

13 Nov 2014

Participant Annual Forum 2014 - Day 1
CRCLCL Exemplar 2: Closing the Loop, Brett Pollard, Principal and Architect, HASSELL and Lauren Haas, Australasia Sustainability Manager, Brookfield Multiplex