24 Sep 2015

Low carbon community programs that encourage citizens to reduce their carbon emissions have been subject to various government and civil society trials in recent years. Behaviour change programs using ‘social marketing’ techniques have had mixed success in community carbon reduction because of a focus on individual control and lack of systemic context.

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30 Apr 2019

This report by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) develops a framework definition for net zero carbon buildings to provide the industry with clarity on how to achieve net zero carbon in construction and operation.

30 Apr 2019

This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue Towards Sustainable Global Food Systems : Conceptual and Policy Analysis of Agriculture, Food and Environment Linkages that was published in Sustainability

09 Oct 2018

Revitalisation of an urban stream improves amenity and increases land value.

Case study
09 Oct 2018

Delivery of sustainable irrigation using harvested stormwater and wicking bed technology to achieve green and resilient turf open space within the new Gladstone East Shores Precinct.

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08 Oct 2018

A program to support and endorse local governments in Western Australia for their leadership in creating water sensitive communities.

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01 Jan 2010

Daniel Toole  is an architect and urban designer. This blog focuses on architecture and urbanism relating to alleyways, laneways, and small urban spaces of all kinds. 

10 Jul 2018

Urban Coup is one of five innovative housing initiatives that put community at their heart.The projects are supported with expertise and networks mobilised by Resilient Melbourne, part of 100 Resilient Cities, a network backed by The Rockefeller Foundation to help cities deal with modern-day pressures.

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The Integrated Carbon Metrics project quantifies the carbon emissions for the various processes in our urban environment. This includes both the direct as well as the indirect or 'hidden' carbon...
20 Sep 2017

Perovskite photovoltaic solar cells and modules can be manufactured using roll-to-roll (R2R) techniques, which have the potential for very low cost production. Understanding cost barriers and drivers that will impact its future commercial viability can beneficially guide research directions. Because processes, materials and equipment for manufacturing are still under development, it is difficult...

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Intensification of development that is required in established and occupied inner and middle suburban greyfield areas (retrofit) is the great challenge for our fast growing Australian cities. The scale of...

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The lack of physical activity and increase of sedentary lifestyle in adolescents is a global health problem. Active transport (walking or cycling) to school is a convenient way to integrate...