08 May 2017

A diverse range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted from wastewater biosolids processing. Odorous emissions are predominately made up of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) which are typically the only odorants measured. However, a range of VOCs are known to contribute to malodours yet previous studies often overlook the contribution of VOCs in comparison with VSCs.

Journal article
02 Nov 2017

Volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) are important contributors to nuisance odours from the processing of wastewater sludge and biosolids. However, emission characteristics are difficult to predict as they vary between sites and are likely to be affected by biosolids processing configuration and operation.

Journal article
05 Apr 2018

Odorous emissions from wastewater biosolids processing can cause nuisance impacts to the surrounding community. Odour Wheels are an effective tool for environmental odour management, but have yet to be provided for wastewater biosolids processing.

Journal article
11 Feb 2019


  • Conducted a survey investigating attitudes of industrial stakeholders regarding the community
  • Conducted interviews with plant manages regarding community interaction
  • Based on observed trends and analysis, a series of recommendations is discussed.


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