19 Jun 2018

Whilst there is an extensive body of research on the social and environmental concerns associated with private car usage and the role of the built environment and urban form in sustainable travel, there is limited focus on children’s active contribution to these trends, both as part of the problem with their carbon intensive travel patterns and as part of the solution with their capacity to be

Journal article
18 Mar 2018

Continued planning is critical if New South Wales is to have a world-class transport system with infrastructure investments that support growth and meet the aspirations for how we want to travel and live.

13 Dec 2017

Self-driving cars are the next technological revolution we will face in the future. These vehicles will not only need to ‘see’ the world, but will also need to communicate and work together.

22 Sep 2017

This report argues that there is a substantial role for transport policymakers to engage with the public on automated vehicle (AV) technologies.

15 Apr 2015

This research developed a collaborative understanding of how alternative energy-related practices may impact on the future liveability of selected communities in remote Australia, focusing on housing and transport. By collaborative understanding, we mean understanding that emerges from a participatory research process.

Working paper
12 Oct 2017

This paper looks at policies that Australian governments can implement to overcome the structural barriers that offer incentives to support electric vehicles.

Briefing paper
14 Aug 2017

This information sheet presents Australian data on how realised rates of fuel consumption vary over time, and how the rates depend on key vehicle characteristics such as number of cylinders, fuel type and vehicle age.

Fact sheet
19 Jul 2012

Focusing on four key infrastructure areas integral to the functioning of cities – energy, transport, water and waste, this report provides governments with a clear action agenda for realising productivity and liveability gains, and meeting sustainability outcomes.

01 Jan 2014

The following report presents the outcomes of the third workshop associated with this project, held at the University of South Australia’s Mawson Lakes Campus, University Boulevard, Mawson Lakes, South Australia on Thursday the 15th of May 2014 at Room X1-03 at from 10:00am until 4:00pm.

18 Jan 2018

A university's sustainability report shows improvement in waste reduction and energy conservation.

05 Jan 2018

The idea of self-driving and electrified vehicles is gaining acceptance among global consumers, but is this enough to make our utopian dreams come true?

Journal article
07 Dec 2017

This guide, developed by practitioners from cities across North America, sets an 'all ages and abilities' criteria for selecting and implementing bike facilities.