12 Jun 2015

A new research approach has proved that good design adds cash value to property.

Journal article
30 Mar 2017

The closure of the Hazelwood power station is scheduled for 31st March 2017. It has delivered cheap electricity to the National Electricity Market (NEM) for decades but contributed substantially to Australia’s emissions. The community of Morwell and the surrounding LaTrobe Valley has relied on the existence of Hazelwood. It has provided jobs and contributed to the economy for decades. 

30 Nov 2007

This paper proposes a ‘tipping point’ approach. Key conditions that lead to tipping point are discussed with examples from various fields and as related to urban sustainability transitions.

Conference paper
29 Nov 2016

Ecological literacy is founded upon knowledge and understanding about how the ecological systems of the Earth function and support life.

Journal article
17 Aug 2017

This report examines the social and technological drivers of change in the transport sector. It argues that technologies in isolation will not be the silver bullet that solves transport problems, rather they will form part of an integrated mobility network that must also include high frequency public transport services.

16 Jun 2016

In this lecture, A/Prof Ross Gordon looks at the use of narrative within social marketing and social change. He discusses the use of social marketing within the Energy+ Illawarra energy efficiency project.

15 Feb 2016

This article demonstrates that climate change is exposing and exacerbating vulnerabilities within the structure of the Wheatbelt, which, in turn, is undermining the viability of traditional modes of family farming and forcing many farmers out of the agricultural sector.

Working paper
21 Sep 2017

This paper presents a review of the literature about the built environment as it impacts the health of older people. It introduces a framework for engaging older people as citizen scientists in order to empower them as agents of change in their local area.

Journal article
17 Nov 2017

This article looks at how people’s access to neighbourhood centres and the diversity of buildings and commercial uses found there influences how, and to what extent, we interact.

01 Dec 2017

This guide enables you to form or join a 'Livewell Group' with friends, neighbours, work colleagues or others you know, and help each other to reduce your carbon emissions.

16 Feb 2017

While Perth’s climate has been getting drier, its citizens maintain a commitment to green lawns and a resistance to water restrictions. This article traces the historical origins of this desire for "lawnscapes".

Journal article
20 Sep 2017

Smart Cooling in the Tropics (SCIT) was a project whose main goals were to create energy savings and improve human thermal comfort in low income households located in Darwin, Australia. The project was funded through the Australian Government’s Low Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP). The attitudes and behaviours of the 476 participants were investigated through a series of surveys.

Conference paper