Wendy Miller

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Dr Miller is a senior research fellow in the School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering in QUT’s Science and Engineering Faculty (a position held since 2008). As a member of QUT’s Energy and Process Engineering team of researchers, she initiates and conducts industry and government funded socio-technical research in energy efficiency and renewable energy, with a particular focus on the built environment. Current and recent research projects include ARC projects in manufactured housing and sustainable housing; National Climate Change Adaptation research on housing and heatwaves; industry funded research on the impact of cool roof coatings for cooling loads in subtropical and tropical buildings, and post-occupancy performance assessment of subtropical and tropical housing. She is particularly involved in promoting and implementing multidisciplinary research teams that embrace

  • building simulation and modelling
  • building science (e.g. the role of advanced glazing and ‘cool roo’f coatings)
  • post-occupancy performance assessment
  • supply chain management
  • the links between urban planning, buildings and the electricity network
  • sociology (human behaviour, culture and practice)
  • human-computer interaction (e.g. beyond Smart Meters) and
  • regulation and economics in the built environment / energy sectors