The future of Australian education: Sustainable places for learning

18 Sep 2013

Green schools are healthier, more productive places to learn.
Across Australia, most of our 9,500 schools and many of our tertiary institutions have been built to meet only minimum building code requirements. The result is facilities that are not necessarily designed to provide comfortable, productive or healthy work environments for students and teachers.
But what would it look like if all schools were designed and built to provide students and teachers with the healthiest, most productive place to learn and work? What would it mean if all of our existing education facilities were operated at their optimal sustainable potential?
Students that attend schools with healthy air to breathe and conditions that encourage learning are happier, healthier and perform better academically. Teachers that work in schools where they have control over the indoor environment and access to natural light are happier and get sick less often. Students and teachers enjoy learning and working in green schools because:
•    access to daylight and views enhances performance•    high indoor air quality improves health and concentration•    excellent acoustics boost learning potential•    comfortable indoor temperatures increase occupant satisfaction.

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