Validating and improving the BASIX energy assessment tool for low-carbon dwellings: interim report - recruitment and data analysis

15 Apr 2015

This project interim report presents the initial outcomes of the research that consist of:
PART 1: Recruitment of participants from single dwellings and multi-unit dwellings, and initial data analysis of the stage 1 survey;
PART 2: Analysis of the BASIX assessment model, key variables and methods of data collection for the stage 2 energy performance monitoring.
The above initial outcomes contribute to the following overall project research activities:
1) Recruitment of participants from single dwellings and multi-unit dwellings;
2) Collection of real-time energy performance and behavioral data through metering, sensing and thermal imaging technologies as well as face-to-face interviews;
3) Development of a post-occupancy energy assessment model, including:

  • Building envelope performance diagnostic modelling;
  • Post-occupancy behavior modelling; and
  • Modelling of the relationships between building design/condition, energy efficiency of appliances and consumer behaviour.

4) Generation of insights to inform future sustainability strategies and decision-making.