Working paper

The EnergyFit Homes Initiative Working Paper 6: Australian Information Systems for Household Energy Efficiency

01 Jan 2014

Executive Summary Almost nine in ten Australian households want to take action to reduce their household energy consumption. Despite this interest, most home-buyers and lessees do not consider the carbon performance of their future home. This project seeks to develop a pathway for enhancing the market for low carbon homes at sale and lease. It will combine research and analysis of existing literature, benchmarking of existing information systems, consumer tradesperson research and industry consultation. This report represents the findings of the first stage of the benchmarking, focused on Australian tools and information systems. The findings of this report will feed directly into the following research phases and overall project findings and recommendations. This report is a desktop review of EnergyFit 1 information systems, national tools and systems relevant to benchmarking low carbon, EnergyFit homes. The review includes consideration of data sources, the credibility and usefulness of each source, and the availability or access costs and barriers to data use. The 23 information systems reviewed in this report include instruments such as rating tools, energy calculators, checklists, and technical information portals. The systems include both those that relate to the whole house, and those focused on one or more house features.

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