Working paper

The EnergyFit Homes Initiative Working Paper 8: Home Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Map

27 Jul 2016

Executive Summary Scope and objectives This report provides the findings from the stakeholder-mapping stage the EnergyFit Homes Initiative phase 1. The objectives of this phase were to develop a map of the relevant stakeholders and to understand their perspectives of the need, scope and implantation of a national home energy efficiency information framework. A secondary objective of this stage was to begin to build consensus and a coalition of support for options to be built on in the next stage. This is the penultimate research stage of Phase 1. These findings inform the final research stage: consumer message testing. These findings directly feed into the next stage of the project to develop a recommended framework, implementation plan and business case.
The key findings are:
1. The overarching finding of this report is that there is a very high degree of support for developing a standard, agreed national framework to measure, compare and communicate the energy performance of existing homes. This support extends across government, industry, research and community organisations.
2. There is a high degree of consensus on the general attributes of such a framework, with some differences of opinion on some of the detailed specific elements. These are summarised in Table 1.
3. Stakeholders have expressed a broader range of perspectives on implementation, centring on some dominant options, as summarised in Table 2.
4. There is a general consensus that a framework would mostly like have the greatest success in encouraging improvements in medium-grade building stock, and reward already high performing homes.
5. Information alone is not considered likely to help low income and energy hardship households. However a framework for measuring and comparing performance could help with minimum standards and other low-income policy objectives.
6. Stakeholders generally feel that it is important for a framework to cover apartments, but note that this may be difficult to achieve. A framework would most likely need to be easily tailored to cover fewer or different features and separate benchmarks for apartments.

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