Managing Victoria’s planning system for land use and development

22 Mar 2017

In this audit, we assessed whether DELWP, and councils in their roles as planning and responsible authorities, are managing and implementing the planning system to support the objectives of the Act and the desired outcomes of state planning policies.

We also examined:

• progress since our 2008 audit in improving oversight of the system and its performance

• the impact of reforms since 2008 in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the land use planning system

• barriers to the delivery and implementation of better-practice planning schemes

• the approach to measuring the planning system’s performance.

We looked specifically at how well DELWP advised the minister through its assessments and how well it managed the planning system. We also examined the activities and assessments of three councils - the City of Yarra, the City of Whittlesea and Moorabool Shire Council. These provide examples respectively of an inner city, an outer metropolitan and a peri-urban or ‘interface’ council (one of the nine municipalities that form a ring around metropolitan Melbourne).

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