Fishermans Bend is an unparalleled opportunity for urban renewal on the doorstep of Melbourne’s famously liveable and economically productive central city. At 480 hectares and more than twice the size of the current CBD, Fishermans Bend is Australia's largest urban renewal site, and will play a key role in the further evolution of central Melbourne as a world leading place to live, work, visit and invest. Currently dominated by low density industrial and warehousing uses, Fishermans Bend's transformation into a series of vibrant, mixed use, medium and high density neighbourhoods will take decades. The scale of change proposed in Fishermans Bend is significant. The majority of land is privately owned and realising the opportunities presented will be reliant on successful partnerships between all levels of government, developers and the community. The four capital city zoned precincts–Montague, Lorimer, Sandridge and Wirraway–were rezoned to Capital City Zone in 2012, while the Employment Precinct was included in the renewal area in 2015 and has retained its industrial zoning. Given the different zoning for the Employment Precinct, detailed planning is not included in this draft Framework. This draft Framework outlines aspirations for the Employment Precinct and addresses issues of integration between the Employment Precinct and the four capital city zoned precincts.
This draft Framework is a long term strategic plan for the development of Fishermans Bend out to 2050. It will guide investment and development by the State Government, local government and the private sector. This draft Framework builds on the previously released Fishermans Bend Vision and has been prepared with input from the community, industry, key stakeholders and local councils. Following consultation, the finalised the Framework will guide the transition of Fishermans Bend into a connected, liveable, prosperous, inclusive, healthy and environmentally sustainable place, home to 80,000 residents and host to 80,000 jobs. This transition will occur across the five precincts of Fishermans Bend, namely the four capital city zoned precincts of Montague, Lorimer, Sandridge and Wirraway, and the jobs focused Employment Precinct. This draft Framework provides direction on how the transition of the area will be managed, creating certainty for the community, landowners, developers, businesses and investors. It does this by establishing: • a long term plan extending to 2050 • a guide to inform the preparation and consideration of planning permit applications • clear strategic planning directions to inform public and private investment • a plan that enables the community, businesses and investors to make informed decisions that will assist in the realisation of the Vision.

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