In 2017, the Government reviewed its climate change policies to ensure they remain effective in achieving Australia’s 2030 target and Paris Agreement commitments.
The review was conducted by the Department of the Environment and Energy. A final report was released on 19 December 2017.
The Department of the Environment and Energy consulted widely with businesses across all sectors of the economy and with the community. This included the release of a discussion paper on 24 March 2017, which generated 357 public submissions (105 from individuals and 252 from organisations). The Department of the Environment and Energy met with more than 270 stakeholders and the Minister for the Environment and Energy hosted two roundtables, attended by representatives of 42 business, community, environmental and Indigenous organisations.
The review looked at the opportunities and challenges of reducing emissions on a sector by sector basis, taking into consideration the different circumstances and characteristics of each sector. The review considered recommendations from the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market.

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