External Profile

Reekoh was founded in 2015 on the belief that the IoT ecosystem would become increasingly difficult to manage for enterprise and businesses as the market rapidly expanded. This would be a roadblock for innovation and exploration around the massive benefits IoT can bring to market, and so we embarked on our journey to build the tools necessary for simplifying and integrating the IoT ecosystem in the early stages as well as into massive deployment and scale.Our values and principles are based around what our product and team delivers; always work with the customer’s best interest and outcomes in mind, always be transparent and up-front with customers and each other, and always be learning.Reekoh is an integration platform for the modern enterprise – built from the ground up to natively speak new technologies such as IoT, AI and Machine Learning, alongside your existing enterprise business systems and processes.Our platform is helping enterprises to rapidly take control of fragmented IoT and data ecosystems, build integrated business solutions quickly, and embed future-proofed foundations for digital transformation.