TULIP is a smart city project delivery and research program lead by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). We are working at the front line of the emerging smart city space in Australia, in collaboration with a broad coalition of partners from local, state and federal government, industry, research and civil society. Our mission is to harness the Internet of Things to build better, more liveable cities, where people are placed at the heart of solutions. Technologies must be designed, integrated and delivered around the needs of communities. We recognise that urban liveability outcomes can be leveraged through the widespread collection and sharing of environmental data. To do this, we are deploying public access networks and sensors in cities around NSW, supported by an innovative new approach to data architecture. We are filling the environmental data “void” by collecting real-time, hyper-local data on things like urban heat, air quality, noise and stormwater. TULIP is a blueprint for local governments and communities to design, build and deliver smart city infrastructure on their own terms. Our approach to data architecture is collaborative, modular, open, flexible, network-agnostic and capable of aggregating any type of data from across a city in one place - or pushing it somewhere else if you'd prefer. It's the antidote to proprietary systems and vendor lock-in that we think is absolutely critical for local government that are serious about their smart city potential. Creating liveable and thriving urban places requires high-quality urban design, planning and policy. Cities must mitigate urban heat, improve air quality, and minimise noise pollution. These outcomes can be achieved through improved land use and transport planning, vegetation of the urban environment and use of water in the landscape, with world-leading sustainable urban design, planning and policy informed by strong community input. TULIP supports such action with relevant, timely and robust data gathering, analysis and interpretation, open data infrastructure, and strong processes of civic engagement and education. Tulip recieves funding from the Australian Government.
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