What are the steps? Building energy codes and standards

Buildings: Session 6 (Energy Efficiency Training Week, Paris 2018)
17 May 2018

This presentation provides a guideline to policymakers on

1. How to test the claims that the building energy codes were outdated from the industry association. 

2. What to do if the claims and information are correct. 

The slides explained the fundamentals of building energy codes and standards. Previous case studies from India, United States and South-East Asian countries were discussions based on the regulation types (e.g. mandatory, voluntary and stretch codes) and compliance paths (e.g. prescriptive, performance and outcome-based). Critical questions for policymakers are:

1. What indicators are important in your country?

2. What code types?

3. How would the process work for you? 

Trainers: Brian Dean & Pierre Jaboyedoff