Fact sheet

WGV waterwise development exemplar

2015/16 partner update
31 Dec 2016

WGV by LandCorp is a 2.1ha infill development in the Fremantle suburb of White Gum Valley. As an ‘Innovation through Demonstration’ project, WGV showcases precinct-scale design excellence on a number of levels by incorporating a range of diverse building types, climate sensitive considerations, creative urban greening and leading edge water management strategies. The innovations at WGV are being captured via series of research programs in partnership with Curtin University, the CRC for Low Carbon Living and ARENA amongst others.
The WGV Waterwise Development Exemplar (WDE) is an initiative conceived by Josh Byrne & Associates for the purpose of showcasing the industry leading approach to urban water management and scheme water optimisation that has been adopted throughout the precinct. WGV is targeting a 60% - 70% reduction in mains water consumption across the various typologies. This equates to 30kl - 40kL per person per year, in contrast to the Perth average of 106kL per person per year. Key water saving initiatives include a community bore irrigation supply for use in both public and private gardens, as well as lot-scale rainwater harvesting systems for toilets and washing machines. There will be advanced water efficiency measures in the homes and a range of water sensitive landscaping features integrated across the development site.
Over the next three years key learnings relating to the water initiatives will be communicated to industry, local government and the broader community. Performance data will be used to verify if the water use targets were achieved, and design, governance and operational experiences will be shared via case studies and events delivered in association with project partners.

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