The inner value of a building. Linking indoor environmental quality and energy performance in building regulation

02 Oct 2018

An abundance of scientific studies points to evidence that indoor environmental quality (IEQ) has a direct effect on health, comfort, wellbeing and productivity. Considering that people spend a large amount of their time indoors, it is crucial that building legislation ensures sufficient levels of IEQ to promote healthy and comfortable indoor environments.
This report summarises the major opportunities to reflect the importance of IEQ in national and EU legal framework. The principal elements that determine the IEQ of a building are analysed and scrutinized, while the impact of IEQ on health, comfort, wellbeing and productivity is further examined. Indicators for evaluating the indoor environment are also defined. EU legislation is then explored to identify whether information related to the achievement of adequate IEQ is sufficient. We look at the opportunities to integrate IEQ into areas such as renovation and energy performance, and discuss a number of tools and initiatives. Finally, we give recommendations on increasing the recognition of IEQ in EU and national legislation.