Policy influence: tactics and strategies for researchers

29 Oct 2018

The CRCWSC project A3.3 Strategies for influencing the political dynamics of decision making examined strategies and tactics for influencing opinion formation and policy making, to facilitate progress towards water sensitive cities. This report is intended to function as a manual to help scientists understand both the ‘rules of the game’ and tips on how to play it, informed by our research into the science– policy nexus in the urban water sector in Australia. It aims to give insight into the nature of opportunities for influence, and how to exploit them, while being frank about the obstacles. This report is about the policy impact that scientists can potentially have, but also why scientists so frequently lack the policy influence to which they aspire. No singular method or approach is guaranteed success, and many of the most relevant factors to science making an impact on policy are outside the control of universities and research institutes. However, scientists can do many useful things, both strategic and tactical, that help facilitate influence over policy.

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