Discussion paper

The renewable city: the future of low carbon living

2018 National Forum discussion paper
30 Oct 2018

This paper is also an urgent call to heed the need for rapid proliferation of LCL principles and projects, and their mobilization across the built environment production system. It is a call to build an open market for this by creating the required regulatory and policy frameworks, and to remove all the overt and hidden ways in which fossil content is subsidised. This is no longer just urgent but has now become manifestly overdue, as a result of political delays and incumbent industry inertia. And given the importance, even primacy of cities and urban areas in global human settlements, the Renewable City – urban environments, economies, movements and systems entirely relying on renewable energy resources - is now an essential precondition to any hope to stabilising the global climate. The future of low carbon living lies in ultralow-carbon cycle balance, and, consequently, highly carbon retentive cities and regions. Or better yet: a truly carbon negative built and cultural environment, one that removes, sequesters, stores and binds greenhouse gas already in the atmosphere. This cannot be enough: a massive regenerative action agenda needs to ensue to attempt at ‘global gardening’, the un-development and re-nurturing of Earth’s biosphere.