Precinct Information Modelling – project progress report

20 Dec 2016

This report outlines the scope and progress of work that has been undertaken as part of the PIM Project for the CRC for Low Carbon Living. It is recognised that the project has suffered setbacks in its collaboration with other CRC projects, but the report makes the case that the core deliverables have progressed strongly and the project has made significant contributions to the development of international (and therefore, national) standards for modelling the built environment at a precinct scale. The utilisation of that work will be assured as those standards are implemented in software over the next 5-8 years, providing a solid platform for better management of the built environment to achieve low carbon outcomes through all the programs of the CRC, while delivering very significant productivity dividends in the infrastructure and urban planning sector that should meet the milestones set for the CRC.
The report outlines the activities of the Project Team to deliver on the core deliverables related to the development of an open standard for sharing precinct scale information, establishing the PIM platform described in the project proposal and meeting the broader CRC Milestones articulated for the CRC.
While acknowledging the setbacks in our collaboration with existing CRC projects, specifically the Empowering Broadway project that was to be the exemplar of our work during the second two years, we describe the specific deliverables that are on track to be completed by the project completion date. These opportunities are outlined in the final section of this report, with separate expanded reports addressing the specific opportunities for the Broadway Precinct, ICM, ETWW and the upcoming UHI Mitigation Decision-Support Tool.