Technical report

Net Zero: technical report

02 May 2019

This technical report accompanies the 'Net Zero' advice report which is the Committee's recommendation to the UK Government and Devolved Administrations on the date for a net-zero emissions target in the UK and revised long-term targets in Scotland and Wales.
The conclusions in the advice report are supported by detailed analysis that has been carried out for each sector of the economy, plus consideration of F-gas emissions and greenhouse gas removals. The purpose of this technical report is to lay out that analysis.
England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have an important role to play in delivering a UK net-zero emissions target. However, each devolved administration has a unique set of opportunities and challenges in achieving net-zero emissions, meaning that the combination of options will differ across the UK. The authors have therefore determined what each UK-wide scenario means for each devolved administration, as well as an assessment of whether and when each devolved administration could credibly achieve net-zero domestic emissions. This analysis is presented in Chapter 5 of the advice report, and compared to the previous scenarios for a maximum level of decarbonisation within Scotland and Wales in the appendix to this technical report.
The analysis is covered in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 2: Power and hydrogen production
  • Chapter 3: Buildings
  • Chapter 4: Industry
  • Chapter 5: Transport
  • Chapter 6: Aviation and shipping
  • Chapter 7: Agriculture, land use, land-use change and forestry
  • Chapter 8: Waste
  • Chapter 9: F-gas emissions
  • Chapter 10: Greenhouse gas removals
  • Technical appendix: Changes from previous scenarios for the UK, Scotland and Wales