Insights into nature and biodiversity: industry trends, commitments and best practice examples

30 Jan 2019

This report highlights the deep dive survey findings from the UK Green Building Council's Gold Leaf member Sustainability 360 review, conducted over the summer of 2018. On the topic of nature and biodiversity the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) sought to uncover the Gold Leaf members’ commitments; best practice examples; the sources of pressure on them to do more; the barriers to going further; their industry partners and what more UKGBC can do to support them. This report also provides key insights on the state of nature in the UK, positive industry trends, the business case for nature, and a timeline of government policy and work.
UKGBC have also created a web based actor and resource map of initiatives and government policy within the built environment around biodiversity net gain. The purpose of which is to allow organisations to use existing knowledge and methodologies to successfully implement net gains without repeating the work of others.

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