Composting as everyday alchemy – producing compost from food scraps in twenty-first century urban environments

27 Jul 2018

As outlined in this chapter, the achievements of large, high density cities prove the success of managing the problem of food waste by involving residents in reforming their food scraps into the valuable product of compost. In addition to offsite composting, onsite composting would appear to have considerable potentialfor being scaled up as a new distributed form of food scraps management in higher-density living situations and precincts. Common to the success of the cases described here is a supportive regulatory environment and source separation of food scraps. Successful separation of food scraps at source relies on a shift in people’s subjective attitudes and actions in relation to food scraps. Rather than being passive consumers of waste collection services they need to become active participants in the production of quality compost from their food scraps, recognizing that this compost can be used to grow food locally.

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Subverting Consumerism: Reuse in an Accelerated World