Journal article

Analysis of energy consumption profiles in residential buildings and impact assessment of a serious game on occupants’ behavior

05 May 2019

The paper has a focus on energy consumption habits and trends using statistical methods.
Occupants’ behavior is monitored using smart metering system and awareness surveys.
The impact of a serious game on occupant's behavior is evaluated.
The paper has a focus on energy consumption habits, trends and intervention strategies in residential buildings, mainly through the serious game approach with a combination of direct consumer feedback through smart metering. More than 150 homes in France and Spain have been involved in the research experiment and the consumption habits of approximately 50 homes were deeply analyzed. The applied methods, processes, results and findings of the monitoring data analysis are presented in the paper with two aims. First, consumption profiles and trends were determined for apartment homes with regard to heating, domestic hot water and electric consumption. Second, the impact of a serious game experiment was assessed comparing energy consumption, indoor air temperature and users’ habits (based on questionnaires) before and after launching the experiment.

1 August 2019