WGV Living Lab – performance monitoring design report

12 Jul 2019

WGV is a 2.2ha residential infill development in White Gum Valley delivered by the Western Australian State Government Developer, LandCorp. Consisting of four multi-residential sites, one group housing site and 23 detached residential sites, WGV will eventually accommodate up to 100 dwellings and around 250 people. Civil works commenced at WGV in 2014, with construction of the first buildings starting later the same year. As of July 2019, WGV is approximately 60% built out and occupied.
WGV incorporates a number of innovative urban design, technology and governance initiatives that are the subject of several research projects being led by Curtin University in collaboration with government and industry partners. The development is described as a ‘Living Lab’ where concepts, technologies and practices can be tested in a real-life setting. Central to this research has been the establishment of monitoring capabilities to enable the collection of data on energy, water and other parameters in an organised and reliable way. This Report provides an overview of these data collection activities, including system design, equipment, data flow and access/utilisation.

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