Legacy Living Lab – visualisation of smart data and peer-to-peer trading of local renewable energy and alternative water systems from WGV and beyond

RP3033u1 – Utilisation project
23 Jul 2019

The White Gum Valley (WGV) and other projects in the CRC for Low Carbon Living have created rich data for energy and water systems in exemplar low carbon precincts. The stored and dynamic data have been retained through other projects. The utilisation of the data in a real-life situation through visualisation has been the subject of this project. The visualisation will be through an array of dedicated screens in the Legacy Living Lab, a Circular Economy building, which will be positioned on the East Village (Fremantle) precinct in September 2019.
The project considers the design of the visualisation facility through use cases, which are interviews with selected stakeholders from education, industry and society. In a continuation the data is now being prepared for visualisation which is attractive for the lab as a innovation, learning and meeting space. The output for the utilisation project is a fully functional facility for industry, society and academia in place by October 2019.

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