Research report

Knutsford: Integrating energy, water and built form solutions in an urban regeneration and infill precinct

08 Nov 2019

This report has two functions.Firstly, in Section 3, it documents the process and output from an industry and research workshop hosted by LandCorp in partnership with the City of Fremantle in September 2018. The workshop brought together the industry and academic partners who had been working in the CRCs for Water Sensitive Cities and Low Carbon Living, together with invited industry consultants, to explore how urban development in Knutsford could be supported by integrated and sustainable built form, water and energy systems.Secondly, in Section 4, it combines:

  • the output from the workshop,
  • integrates the other investigations into the Knutsford area discussed in the reports highlighted above
  • further, it seeks to incorparate the thinking involved in the CRC Water Sensitive Cities’ infill typology research that is using Knutsford as a case study (reported in their documents on the CRC WSC web site),

to present key themes about future directions for the precinct, along with identifying further research opportunities, all aimed at creating a more sustainable and resilient form of urban regeneration that Knutsford. The three themes that emerge from the investigations are discussed below.

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