16 May 2019

This report presents a way of structuring and visualising geospatial data and their corresponding semantics and metadata in a Precinct Information Model (PIM). The datasets obtained from UNSW Estate Management (EM) are used in this development. The study is completed through several steps involving pre-processing and storage of data, along with web-based visualisation.

Technical report
19 Mar 2018

The protection of these corridors is proposed to be achieved through a State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP), an environmental planning instrument that addresses matters of state or regional environmental planning significance. The New South Wales government is currently seeking the community’s feedback on this discussion paper.

Discussion paper
08 Nov 2017

This discussion paper provides an overview of the challenges, opportunities and solutions to providing regional NSW with affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity.

Discussion paper
23 May 2017

Buildings are major consumers of energy for heating and cooling. The number of buildings is growing rapidly with demand for energy. To reduce consumption, governments worldwide have implemented codes, standards, and building practices.

Journal article
29 May 2018

Smart grid components such as smart home and battery energy management systems, high penetration of renewable energy systems, and demand response activities, require accurate electricity demand forecasts for the successful operation of the electricity distribution networks.

Journal article
09 Sep 2016

This paper evaluates the performance of steel furnace slag (SFS) coarse aggregate in blended slag and low calcium fly ash geopolymer concrete (GPC). The geopolymer binder is composed of 90% of low calcium fly ash and 10% of ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS). Mechanical and physical properties, shrinkage, and detailed microstructure analysis were carried out.

Journal article
20 Feb 2017

Cutter soil mix (CSM) walls are created by mixing soils with cement and bentonite slurry to produce a soil–cement mix with modest tensile and compressive strengths. CSM walls may be stabilised using internal steel beams. Presented here are the results of a CSM wall field trial and laboratory testing programme.

Journal article
23 May 2017

Sustainability assessment tools aim to promote high sustainability outcomes in residential buildings, ensuring less consumption of water, energy and less emission of greenhouse gases. However, existing literature often presents variations between the estimated outcomes from the assessment tools and actual outcomes after building occupation.

Journal article
05 Nov 2013


  • Diffusion model for uptake of building retrofits.
  • Case study with New South Wales office buildings.
  • Forecast uptake of government policy programs.


Journal article
03 Dec 2018

In a world-first project, the CRCLCL has partnered with NSW Ports to beneficially utilise co-products from coal-fired power stations into low-carbon geopolymer concrete bollards to protect the coastline at Port Kembla from extreme weather events.

27 Jun 2019

This project, RP3039, sought to adapt the existing Liveability Real Estate Framework to develop an online “real estate knowledge” handbook for ‘moderators’ of the website developed in CRCLCL project RP3029e1 and an online Liveability Real Estate Specialist training course suitable for TAFE Sydney Students studying for qualifications in property services (real estate).

21 Jun 2019

This report provides a summary of activities completed under the CRC for Low Carbon Living RP3044 ‘Mainstreaming Low Carbon Retrofits in Social Housing’.