13 Aug 2019

This paper focuses on what a 'just transition' is, what the opportunities and challenges are for business, trade unions, government and communities and how collectively, we can govern and finance the transition to a resilient, low carbon economy.

Discussion paper
21 May 2019

Energy audits have been conducted for many years, and there is a well-established cohort of service providers trained to perform them in accordance with standards developed by ASHRAE and others. These standards define the process and quality of work that should be achieved for energy performance audits. However, a corresponding level of industry maturity, and an understanding of what should be included, does not yet exist for auditing water performance.

10 Apr 2018

The iBRoad project aims to eliminate barriers to deep renovation by developing an Individual Building Renovation Roadmap for single-family houses. The tool provides a customised renovation plan over a long-term period (10-20 years), which considers the occupants’ needs and specific situations (e.g.

08 Feb 2017

It seems that you can ask the Coalition government pretty much any question – about plunging polls, Donald Trump, Cory Bernardi or even the weather – and the answer will always be the same: “We’re focused on electricity prices.”

24 Jan 2018

Commercial sharing platforms have reshaped the transportation and housing sectors in cities and raised challenges for urban policy makers seeking to balance market disruption with community protections. Transformational sharing seeks to strengthen the urban commons to address social justice, equity and sustainability.

Journal article
31 Jul 2019

With the advantages of convenient access and free parking, urban dockless shared bikes are favored by the public. However, the irregular flow of dockless shared bikes poses a challenge for the research of flow pattern.
In this paper, the flow characteristics of dockless shared bikes are expounded through the analysis of the time series location data of ofo and mobike shared bikes in Beijing. Based on the analysis, a model called DestiFlow is proposed to describe the spatio-temporal flow of urban dockless shared bikes based on points of interest (POIs) clustering.

Journal article
02 Aug 2019

This book is about helping cities and towns around the world unleash their true potentials for the pursuit of resource efficiency, sustainable growth, social inclusion, investments transparency and accountability, decision-making and smart innovation.

18 Oct 2017

A persuasive behaviour change program is assessed from a practice theory approach.
Most changes involved alterations in the technology element of the practice.
Alterations in the meaning and skill elements of practice are challenging.
Automation enabled dis-interlocking changes from the home system of practice.

Journal article
02 Aug 2019

The overall finding is an essential message for New Zealand – the transition to a low emissions economy is achievable, but will be challenging. Effort is required across many areas. Stable and credible climate policy is essential for long-term change.

24 Jun 2019

This paper on the zero carbon and circular challenge in the built environment puts forward several policy recommendations. In order to achieve the net-zero carbon goal by 2050, adapting the built environment is paramount: the EU estimates that the climate change-related damage to infrastructure could grow tenfold under a business-as-usual scenario. The paper advocates the need to come up with a comprehensive strategy for the building and construction sector which should build on the principles of sustainability and circularity.

Discussion paper
23 Jul 2019

The White Gum Valley (WGV) and other projects in the CRC for Low Carbon Living have created rich data for energy and water systems in exemplar low carbon precincts. The stored and dynamic data have been retained through other projects. The utilisation of the data in a real-life situation through visualisation has been the subject of this project. The visualisation will be through an array of dedicated screens in the Legacy Living Lab, a Circular Economy building, which will be positioned on the East Village (Fremantle) precinct in September 2019.

01 Aug 2018

This report recommends a suite of policy reforms to help drive the transition. These include introducing emissions standards for newly registered vehicles, a feebate scheme to accelerate the uptake of EVs, and mandatory climate-related financial disclosures.