01 Jan 2015

Energy cooperatives, in which citizens volunteer their time, have become a symbol for a citizen-led energy change. However, new energy cooperatives find it difficult to establish because they are at a disadvantage compared to large suppliers since Renewable Energy Sources Act amendment. New business models are now in demand that help to establish this model on the energy market alongside municipal utilities and private utilities. For example, cooperative members need to build up know-how, create full-time jobs and mobilise risk capital.
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31 Oct 2017

This paper investigates the development of, and changes in, the field of community renewable energy in Denmark since it commenced in the late 1970s. The focus is on community wind projects.

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11 Jul 2016

Despite unsupportive political conditions for renewable energy (RE) in Australia, a new movement is emerging. About 70 Australian community groups have started to embrace the concept of community renewable energy (CRE) and develop their own projects. However, faced with a complex institutional environment and the absence of national government support, only a few groups have established operating CRE projects as yet. In this situation the role of local government (LG) ‘closest to the people’ deserves more attention.

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05 Nov 2013


  • Diffusion model for uptake of building retrofits.
  • Case study with New South Wales office buildings.
  • Forecast uptake of government policy programs.


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22 Jul 2019

This guide provides an overview of the policy, legislative and statutory planning arrangements for solar energy facility projects in Victoria.

24 Jun 2019

This video features two of the CRC for Low Carbon Living's 17 Living Laboratories where a ‘learn by doing’ environment was key, involving local councils, developers, residents and businesses that integrate, test and evaluate low carbon living solutions in-situ.

03 Dec 2018

Tourism represents about 5% of Australia's carbon emissions. This innovative program that started in the Blue Mountains has helped 80 local businesses lower their carbon emissions by up to 15%.

29 Apr 2019

The purpose of this report is to highlight the policies of countries leading the shift toward a green economy, and the implications of those policies for the mining sector in those countries.

28 Jun 2019

Energy demand focused conceptual modelling framework to tackle the Energy Revolution.
Evolution of building-user behaviour is given specific attention in scenario planning.
Residential heat demand is evaluated using a hybrid dynamic simulation/stock model.
Electricity demand is synthesised using a statistical Hidden-Markov Model.

Journal article
28 May 2019

This report provides an overview of the main technological pathways to fundamentally transform the cooking sector in developing countries to sustainable sources.