27 Sep 2019

This Guide to Implementing Low Carbon Retrofits for Social Housing is intended as a simple to use reference for social housing asset managers and others involved in social housing upgrades. The guide presents a concise summary of effective energy efficiency optionsfor social housing properties, including: 

  • Advice on priority upgrades
  • Important things to consider
  • ...
14 Mar 2017


  • Energy efficiency is important for reducing carbon emissions.
  • Policies are adopted to increase residential energy efficiency.
  • Policy formulation in this space can be supported by analytical tools.
  • Traditional equations based diffusion modelling is a limited approach.
  • Agent Based Modelling addresses limitations of previous methods.


Journal article
01 Dec 2015

There is a general recognition that the existing housing stock represents the largest potential for energy saving and greenhouse abatement in the residential sector. However, few studies have looked at how inefficient existing houses actually are, the extent to which their level of energy efficiency can be practically upgraded, or the cost and cost-effectiveness of doing this.

13 May 2019

This guide aims to help the occupants of a home reduce the amount of energy they use and, in doing so, help curb carbon emissions and save on utility bills.

01 Jun 2018

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and the former Australian Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) developed this Handbook to assist users with the application and understanding of the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume One energy efficiency provisions.

10 Apr 2018

This report is the Interim Technical Report for the Building Code Energy Performance Trajectory Project. It accompanies the Interim Synthesis Report for the Building Code Energy Performance Trajectory Project, entitled The Bottom Line – the household impacts of delaying improved energy requirements in the Building Code and which was published on the 8th of February 2018, providing more detail on the assumptions behind and the preliminary results from the underlying modelling work.
The report provides the following key items:

Technical report
30 Mar 2010

Provides a brief introduction to evidence-based design of classrooms.

Other text
30 Jun 2017

This study is a comprehensive review of comparable national and international wayfinding practices, including reviews of fifty-four practices and plans and twenty-four comparable cases to City of Sydney.

Literature review