01 Jun 2017

This study explores a new approach to community involvement in planning that responds to contemporary critiques of participatory planning.We conclude the report by providing an alternate pathway that might create more meaningful community participation in the planning and development of the city.

Working paper
29 Dec 2015

Despite a ubiquitous interest in community energy, a review of the literature reveals a fragmented approach in which the technology elements that need to be considered for the effective existence of community renewable energy networks (CREN) are well understood but the social aspects have not yet been addressed to the same degree. Thus, while technology is no longer the limiting factor it used

Journal article
19 Sep 2017

The Small-scale community solar guide sets out models of community solar that "work in the current context". This 1 hour webinar explores two of the case studies found in the Guide - CORENA and Bendigo Sustainability Group.

12 Oct 2018

Speakers: Chris Benedict, Gina Bocra - LEED AP, Priscilla Richards
The Energy Code is an increasingly robust tool for improving energy efficiency in our buildings. This session will examine how far the existing code has come and identify the remaining barriers and limits. Speakers will compare and contrast the existing energy code model with performance codes and the upcoming NYStretch-Energy Code (2018) to examine the forces that will shape the future code.

22 Sep 2017

Urban living labs have emerged as transition arenas for undertaking process-oriented and reflexive experiments in the multi-stakeholder governance of sustainability. This paper evaluates Livewell Yarra, an urban living lab in Melbourne, Australia, that brought together academic researchers and community actors to engage in experiments for low-carbon living. This paper evaluates transition team experiments in governance of the lab itself and community experiments in carbon reduction that took place in people’s homes and small group settings known as decarb groups.

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