01 Jan 2017

This paper discusses the significance of urban rail in sustainable development through a number of case studies.

Journal article
23 May 2018

For promoting energy-efficient building design, various green building certification schemes such as BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, Green Mark, BEAM Plus, ASHRAE Standard 90.1, Code of Practice for OTTV, etc. have been developed around the world. In recent years, photovoltaic system is widely adopted in building application. This system can offer double benefits: (i) generating electricity by absorbing and transforming solar energy; (ii) reducing heat gain transmitted into a building through building envelope.

Journal article
08 Aug 2018

This paper applies cost–benefits analysis (CBA) and transaction cost (TC) theory to systematically evaluate the costs and benefits of implementing the green building economic incentives, with focused study on the Gross Floor Area (GFA) Concession Scheme in Hong Kong. The data of costs and benefits indicate how the GFA Concession Scheme motivates stakeholders and how much it benefits the built environment, which provides a solid foundation for the improvement of the GFA Concession Scheme.

Journal article
30 Aug 2018

Green building (GB) policies have been implemented to promote GB and address climate change. Most of the existing literature have studied the costs and benefits of developing GB, without considerations of GB policies’ impacts. This paper aims to study the costs and benefits of implementing GB policy from the developers’ perspective. It takes the Gross Floor Area (GFA) Concession, which is a popular policy and has been implemented in the US, Singapore and Hong Kong, as an example, to compare its implementation in three regions and analyze how it affects developers’ costs and benefits.

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