01 Nov 2018

Parenting responsibilities in the context of children’s mobility have been subject to a substantial change over the last few decades. Children’s current activities and travel patterns are significantly different to the previous generations when they were at the same age. Today’s children are exposed to increased car use and are chauffeured for the majority of their trips.

Conference paper
19 Feb 2019

The Share the Road Programme (launched in 2008 by UN Environment and the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society) acts as an advocate for action. This report highlights the best practice of countries around the world to prioritize the needs of pedestrians and cyclists.

02 May 2019

This consultation report includes questions relevant to a linked or standalone UK emissions trading system or a tax on carbon.

24 Nov 2017

This paper highlights the difficulties that the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) presents to agriculture, manufacturing and other sectors of the economy.

Discussion paper
02 Aug 2019

The overall finding is an essential message for New Zealand – the transition to a low emissions economy is achievable, but will be challenging. Effort is required across many areas. Stable and credible climate policy is essential for long-term change.

01 Aug 2018

This report recommends a suite of policy reforms to help drive the transition. These include introducing emissions standards for newly registered vehicles, a feebate scheme to accelerate the uptake of EVs, and mandatory climate-related financial disclosures.

03 Jul 2019

The future urban mobility program researches ways to create safe and resilient urban transport and mobility solutions that enhance access to services, places and economic opportunities, and improve the quality of life for citizens.

11 Dec 2018

Solar is an excellent investment for almost all Australian households, but there are a wide range of savings, depending on the characteristics of household electricity consumption, retail tariffs and roof characteristics. Nevertheless, the majority of households installing a wide range of PV system sizes under different types of tariffs can expect a payback of between 3-7 years.

26 Jun 2019

Global warming is considered to be an issue of national and international significance and, if left unattended, a threat to future standards of living as well issues such as biodiversity and adaptability of the planet’s sensitive eco-systems.

08 Feb 2019

In order to fight against the climate change, China has set a series of emission reduction policies for super-emitting sectors. The cement industry is the major source of process-related emissions, and more attention should be paid to this industry. This study calculates the process-related, direct fossil fuel-related, and indirect electricity-related emissions from China's cement industry.

Journal article
26 May 2019

This study has conducted a review of the latest international developments in relation to CO2 emission standards for motor vehicles, and has made an assessment of on-road and real-world CO2 emission rates from the Australian on-road car fleet.

29 Mar 2019

The number of big businesses already moving towards 100% renewables and emissions reduction targets directly contradict Business Council of Australia claims that a 45% target would be “economy wrecking”, according to this research from The Australia Institute.

Discussion paper