05 May 2019

The paper has a focus on energy consumption habits and trends using statistical methods.
Occupants’ behavior is monitored using smart metering system and awareness surveys.
The impact of a serious game on occupant's behavior is evaluated.

Journal article

Household solar, batteries and smart inverters can improve the stability and quality of power supplied by the electricity grid, early results from a pioneering trial in regional homes across NSW and Victoria suggest.

07 Feb 2019

The Modelling the Uptake of Water Conservation and Efficiency Measures in Sydney report team worked with Sydney Water’s WaterFix Program to validate their agent based, decision-making model aimed at encouraging consumers to participate in water saving programs.

25 Oct 2018

This paper reports on a review of international water conservation efforts, but with a particular focus on the Australian context.

Journal article
30 Aug 2018

The uptake of smart grid technologies and increasing deployment of smart meters have brought greater attention on the analysis of individual household electricity consumption. Within the smart grid framework, home and battery energy management systems are becoming important demand side management tools with various benefits to households, utilities and networks. Load forecasting is a vital component of these tools, as it can be used in optimizing the schedule of household appliances and energy operations.

Conference paper