25 Nov 2018

This paper is a review of the potential commercialisation and adoption pathways for a suite of energy efficiency policy-uptake modelling capabilities from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO). Common Capital undertook this review for the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living and CSIRO.

09 Mar 2018

The purpose of this project is to identify and discuss potential policy instruments that can accelerate a transition toward a circular economy in the Nordic construction sector. Sixteen interviews were carried out with actors representing stakeholders from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
The objective of a transition toward a circular economy in the construction sector is to maintain, reuse, refurbish and/or recycle resources and materials used in all parts of the value chain.

Policy report
15 May 2016

This report forms part of the deliverables for the CRC for Low Carbon Living project RP2010 'Informing and Trialling Low Carbon Inclusions in State Government Built Environment Sector Tenders'. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with UrbanGrowth NSW by Curtin University. The project is designed to collaborate with industry and state government to investigate ways to appropriately enhance the low carbon outcomes of built environment projects, initially focused on land development projects, through the project tendering process and including supply chain interaction.