12 Nov 2019

Sharing of key evidence on strategies for reducing resources consumption and lowering carbon footprint is essential to alleviating risks of increasing urbanization, population growth and looming climate change impacts. However, finding scientifically robust research and distilling knowledge to draw confident conclusions in a reasonable timeframe is challenging due to the sheer volume...

Journal article
13 Feb 2019

This report presents findings of a survey of 120 people across Australia who are connected to schools, and examines their beliefs, attitudes and experiences relating to the impact of their built environment on health and learning outcomes.

06 Jun 2013

This paper examines the early phases of a 21st century energy transition that involves distributed generation technologies employing low or zero carbon emission power sources and their take-up within Australia, with particular reference to the major cities and solar photovoltaics (PV).

Journal article
12 Jul 2019

In this report, the data assets created from research projects undertaken by the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living were reviewed by City Futures Research Centre.
Options for management, archiving and publication were identified and arrangements put in place for datasets where appropriate.

20 Jun 2019

This guide is an introduction that offers practical insights for homeowners, builders and designers to illustrate what low carbon landscapes are, how they function and the benefits they provide.

30 Oct 2018

This paper is also an urgent call to heed the need for rapid proliferation of LCL principles and projects, and their mobilization across the built environment production system. It is a call to build an open market for this by creating the required regulatory and policy frameworks, and to remove all the overt and hidden ways in which fossil content is subsidised.

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