14 Sep 2018

Australian business has been lamenting the Federal Government's inability to land a policy to bring down carbon emissions. But just days after Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the National Energy Guarantee was dead, one of the country's biggest superannuation funds is taking matters into its own hands. The building and construction super giant Cbus has set a target for all its property holdings to be carbon neutral by 2030. Listen to the interview on ABC's Radio National
Guest: Kristian Fok. Chief Investment Officer, Cbus
Producer: David Taylor

Audio interview
01 Jul 2018

The logbook data quest sets up indicators and other requirements for a renovation passport.
The iBRoad project works on developing an Individual Building Renovation Roadmap for single-family houses. This tool provides a customised renovation plan over a long-term period of time (10-20 years).

31 Aug 2018

The nearly zero-energy concept aims to achieve a significant reduction of energy consumption in the buildings’ sector, while promoting the renewable energy dissemination. In order to move beyond the individual building boundary and to consider the urban context influence, this article presents a critical review on the aspects of applying the nearly zero-energy principle to the intermediate urban scale known as district, from an architectural and urban planning perspective.

Journal article
29 Jun 2018

Discussion paper and roadmap Stage 1 for commercial, institutional, and government buildings and fitouts

Discussion paper
17 Aug 2015

This report delivers a part of the first year outputs of RP1006: Viable Integrated Systems for Zero Carbon Housing, including a review of national and international house energy rating schemes and a review of Australian and some international residential energy monitoring program case studies. It focuses on one of the foremost Australian-based housing energy monitoring programs, the Lochiel Park Green Village in South Australia, which is Australia's leading sustainable housing development.

Case study
17 Aug 2015

RP1006 was established to support the path to zero carbon housing (ZCH) by focusing on the development and validation of evidence-based building energy modelling tools to support the regulatory pathway to zero emission housing in Australia. The 2013 Progress Report provides an update on progress against milestones including a scoping study of available house energy rating tools and a scoping study of residential energy end-use monitoring.

24 May 2013

At the University of South Australia’s city west campus on 24 May 2014, a project workshop was held to discuss the research needed to facilitate the transition to viable zero-carbon housing.

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